The storm before the calm

I was told it’s a big deal to quit a good job and take off to the mountains. In my mind it was simple. You quit. And then you leave. And you don’t look back.

I read somewhere that it is as if the continent of South America was built for travellers. I believe that it is built for people who are looking for answers without knowing the question. Maybe the answer will be the question that needs to be asked.

And this mystery piques my curiosity enough to allow for an unwavering motivation that does not falter despite the temptation of a rosy job offer, or a cosy bed. Distant lands hold promise, and I have every intention of unravelling this pledge.

But then, Hello World!

An Indian passport doesn’t get you very far in this judgmental world. Access to money, rightfully yours and legally earned, is a bitch. Human Resources moonlight as blood-sucking vampires. Friends make it hard to leave.

The world is a factory, and it is designed to be a nightmare for people who choose to leave the assembly line.

I think this is good. In fact it is great!

Much like a bachelor party before a wedding, this limbo period has been a test. It has re-introduced me to all the worthy temptations, and has awakened me to the challenges that lie ahead. And yet I choose to take the plunge. I choose to distance myself from familiarity to embrace something without knowing what it is. And if THIS does not say “I do,” then I don’t know what does.

Machu Picchu awaits. So do the high plains of Bolivia, the iguanas of Ecuador and the streets of Medellin. Vamanos!


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