The Local Bar Manifesto

Remember the time you walked in for the very first time and were greeted with cheery cackles and loud music? The mirth rose above the lights and engulfed your entourage in an addictive cloud of belonging.

We were defined not by a dress code or a privileged access, but by an embracement that superceded petty partisanship. And yet we wholesomely came together – with pretty faces, friendly folks and an infectious ambience that made us your second home.

Here is where your favorite people become your favorite people
Here is where virtuosity is sidelined for a momentary lapse of reason
Here is where the roving eye is fruitful, and yet respectfully so
Here is where you are yourself, for we know you are who you are

Your every milestone is celebrated here, for we share your joy
Your every sorrow is washed away here, for we do not judge
Your every first date is within our confines, for we treat you right
Your every brawl is far far away, for here we only have friends

When you are dazed and confused
When you need shelter from the storm
When you need to dream on
When you need lucky lips
Don’t sweat, come as you are

We brew an empathetic knowledge of your poison
We share in your conversations, unafraid of irreverence nor advice
We celebrate with you, the coming of age a worthy starting point
We painstakingly construct a soundtrack that shall dictate your life

This is your second home. And there is no place like it.


One response to “The Local Bar Manifesto

  1. madhushaala – harivanshrai bachan

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