As a Digital Marketing fanboy it would be criminal not to maintain a blog. After several experiments of mixed success, I have decided on publishing through a single entity all thoughts: corporate, personal and surreal. My life’s now officially an open book (blog)!

I hope my peeps and stray browsers enjoy the reading as much as this fabulously clean layout.

*The first person I meet every morning is a random taxi driver. He usually hates me (because I am not a long ride).
*When I pay a 10 dirham bill for an 8 dirham purchase, the cashier asks me why I don’t have change.
*I am asked for my ID before I can meet my buddies – I spend more time filling out my details than hanging out with them.
*I never get upgraded on flights.
*I get paid to think at work (at least that’s the illusion). I probably run into at least five incidents every day that are an opportunity to complain.
*The restaurant right below my apartment charges me a delivery fee.
*Traffic lights conspire to turn red every time I have an emergency.
*The sun glares in full force when I need to take a walk.
*I failed my driving license test twice. I have been driving since I was 12.

Hence “The Daily Crib”. Enjoy!

Prashanth Meka:
Digital Marketer, Traveler, volunteer DJ. Will work for food.
Currently learning Spanish. Muy bien!
Affiliations – Nokia, INSEAD, Missouri Journalism (MoJo), MENSA, couchsurfer.com


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