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World’s Best Restaurant

If I had a restaurant, this is what the menu would have:

1. Patatas Bravas and Calamari, Barca
2. Yuca fries & Peruvian corn, NY
3. Asparagus Soup from Intercontinental Semiramis, Cairo
4. Tom Yum Soup from Thai Express, SGP
5. Crispy Chilli Baby Corn from Fifth Season, SGP

1. Lamb and Rice from Platters, NY
2. Shawarma from Mamouns, NY
3. Chicken 65 from Paradise, HYD
4. Biryani from Bawarchi, HYD
5. Chicken Pita from Nandos, JHB
6. Sushi from L’Asiatique, Le Pacha 1901, Cairo
7. Steak and Bibimbap from Mannaland, DXB
8. Chicken Burger from Burger Fuel, DXB
9. Haleem from Tolichowki, HYD

1. Tiramisu from Zibetto, NY
2. Churros, BR
3. Kubani ka Meetha, HYD
4. Crepes from MacDougal, NY
5. Basundi from Shanbagh, HYD